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How to Train Your Pup with CBD Dog Chews

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Training a new pup is no walk in the park, but if you put in the time and effort, you’ll have a loyal companion for life. Starting early and establishing a consistent obedience regimen are essential to your canine’s foundation. There are plenty of teaching methods to choose from too, including clicker training, positive reinforcement, crate training and socializing with other dogs.

But if it’s your first time training a dog, Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Dog Chews are a fantastic way to gain your pup’s attention and reward them for listening. Continue reading to learn five basic commands to teach your canine using our CBD Dog Chews and positive reinforcement.

How to Train a Dog: Where Do I Start?

Once you’ve decided that you’re fully ready to invest all your time and effort into a new pup, the real commitment begins. Everyone wants to have a well-trained companion, but not everyone wants to put in the work. Training your puppy will require practice, persistence and most of all, patience. Here are four key tips you should keep in mind as you begin to train your dog:

Navy Blue Paw Be the Leader

As much as you want to snuggle up with your new buddy when you get home, you must learn to become the pack leader. New pups will want to take charge, but you have to be the one to put them in their place. Demonstrating strong leadership from the very beginning of your dog’s training will limit the chance of them developing bad behaviors, such as barking, snapping, chewing and leash-pulling. You will want to remain consistent in your guidance to ensure your pup knows who to take commands from.

Pink Paw Visit the Veterinarian 

Finding a reliable veterinarian can be a huge help for your pup’s development. Regular vet visits will educate you on what to feed your dog, what medications they’ll need to take and how often they should exercise. Your vet can also be a key resource for any questions or concerns you have about dog training and your companion’s behavior.

Gray Paw Do Your Research

If this is in fact your first time learning out how to train a dog, there’s no substitution for reading and doing your research on puppy training. You can read all dog training books in the world and you still may not be prepared for the energy a new pup brings to your home. Understanding your dog’s body language and habits will allow you build a stronger bond with them.

Baby Blue PawGive Them Your Full Attention

The days of sitting on the couch and watching TV in silence are over. A new puppy will be obsessed with every little thing in your house, and it’s your job to keep them occupied with attention, activities and toys. As soon as you turn your back to fold laundry or make food, you’ll be leaving your new buddy’s curiosity to run wild, which can lead to chewed furniture, house accidents or injuries. Giving your companion your full attention is key to gaining their trust and approval.


What are CBD Dog Chews?

Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Dog Chews are bite-sized, peanut butter-flavored treats that your best buddy will love. Each chew contains 15mg of premium CBD to provide your furry friend with the potential benefits this natural compound has to offer. CBD is pet-friendly, non-toxic and has no adverse side effects. Giving CBD to your canine companion may enhance their comfort, promote calmness from stressful situations and support their overall wellness, making it the perfect treat to train your pup. CBD Dog Chews can be given to your pup daily and may help train them.


Please Note: We recommend giving your pup 1-2 CBD Dog Chews per day, so we suggest using them as the final reward for learning a new command. You can easily create a regimen that involves our dog chews and another favorite treat your companion enjoys. CBD is regarded as safe with no adverse side effects, but if you are unsure about giving CBD to your puppy, please consult your veterinarian first.

5 Commands You Can Teach Your Pup with CBD Dog Chews

Training a new pup is one of the most significant responsibilities you can have, but nothing will be more rewarding once you have an obedient and loyal companion. Here are five commands you can teach your pup with the help of our CBD Dog Chews.


“Sit” should be one of the first commands you teach your pup. This command is excellent for getting your dog to listen and wait before going on walks, eating or when they need to be calmed down. Try these steps to get your dog to sit:

  • Hold a CBD Dog Chew that is visible and in front of your dog’s nose.
  • Slowly move your hand holding the treat up and allow your pup to follow the treat.
  • Once you have your dog’s attention, say, “Sit.”
  • After they sit, give them the CBD Dog Chew and praise them with scratches and love.


“Down” is a similar command as sit but may require more time because it requires your pup to lay down in a submissive posture. Remember, your new companion will want to be the leader, so assert your dominance and lead with confidence.

  • Hold a CBD Dog Chew in the closed palm of your hand.
  • Bring your closed fist down to your pup’s nose and allow them to get the scent of the treat.
  • Slowly move your fist to the ground in front of your dog so that they follow.
  • Once they are in a down position, say “Down,” give them the treat and praise them with affection.


“Come” is an essential command to get your pup ready to go outside or gain their attention. This command can be especially important if you need your dog to steer clear of trouble.

  • Put your dog’s collar and leash on them.
  • Get down to their level, hold out a CBD Dog Chew and say, “Come.”
    If they don’t come at first, gently pull their leash to coax them to move forward.
  • After your pup comes, reward them with the treat and positive reinforcement.


Once your furry friend has mastered “Sit,” “Down” and “Come,” they are ready to learn "Stay." This command teaches your dog self-control and can be helpful when you’re completing a task and don’t need your companion’s helping hand.

  • First, ask your pup to “Sit.”
  • Next, open your hand, revealing a CBD Dog Chew and firmly say, “Stay.”
  • Take a few steps back.
  • If your pup stays, reward them with the treat in your hand.
  • Continue to increase your steps back until you’ve taught them to stay even when you’re not in the room.
  • Always reward them with the treat and affection when they have stayed.

Leave It

Odds are your pup will get a hold of an item or object they should not have. “Leave it” will come in handy to curb your canine’s curiosity or to make sure they don’t touch that chocolate you dropped on the floor! This command will require a lot of practice and consistency to fully master.

  • Place a CBD Dog Chew on the floor with your hand covering it.
  • Allow your pup to sniff, lick or bark at your hand but don’t let them get the treat.
  • Once your dog stops searching for the treat, reward them with a different treat or toy.
  • After practicing this a few times, you can now train them to leave an uncovered CBD Dog Chew on the floor.
  • The goal is to get them disinterested in the treat on the floor and to gain their attention.
  • Tell your pup, “Leave it,” and if they do, reward them with a different snack and praise them with affirmation and pats.



Your pup won’t learn these commands overnight, so remember to be patient. Being consistent and practicing these commands each day will be your best bet when asking yourself, “How do I train my dog?” As much of a learning experience as it is for you, it’s going to be all the more difficult for your pup. Make sure to praise your new companion and reward them when they learn a command with Perfect Paws CBD Dog Chews, a healthy and tasty treat they’ll love. Check out Perfect Paws Hemp Blog for more training tips, pet care advice, homemade recipes and more.