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10 Situations When You Can Use Calming Treats For Dogs

Calming Treats for Dogs

Your furball lights up your life with his energy and spunk, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming depending on the situation – especially when he gets anxious or stressed. It’s a busy and festive time of the year and we want to bring attention to the many situations that may stress out your pup and how you can make him more comfortable. Luckily, Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Dog Chews work with your pup’s body to encourage relaxation and calmness. Keeping calming treats for dogs on hand can help in several situations:

Navy Blue Paw 1. Leaving For Work

Does your dog experience separation anxiety when you leave? Separation anxiety may explain why you come home and find pillows, shoes or furniture destroyed. Help your pup cope during your work day with calming treats for dogs. CBD treats may help inspire relaxation that will last all day.

Baby Blue Paw 2. Puppy Play Dates

Meeting up with other dogs makes walks and exercise a blast. However, an overexcited pup can play a little rough with his friends. CBD treats before playtime can lower the chance of mishaps.

Gray Paw 3. Car Rides

Whether it’s fear of the destination or a case of motion sickness, cars can spike stress in your trusty sidekick. Use your calming treats for dogs as a reward for getting in the car and watch his worries go away. Those long summer road trips will be all the better for it.

Navy Blue Paw 4. Vet Visits

If your dog dreads the vet, he’s not the only one. Make his visit more manageable with a tasty treat that may help calm him down. He’ll form positive associations with the vet and potentially keep calm during his appointment.

Baby Blue Paw 5. Grooming Appointments

Taking your dog to the groomers may make the process easier for you, but the difference is minimal to your pup. Giving your furry friend a CBD treat may help him relax during his grooming routine at home or in a salon. He will likely still be stressed afterward, so feel free to reward him with another once it's complete.

Gray Paw 6. Flights

A long day of flying leaves you drained, and it can be even harder for your dog. Riding in a carrier under your seat or in cargo can be unsettling for your travel companion. Our calming treats can help your pet rest so that he can wake up peacefully at his destination.

Navy Blue Paw 7. Introducing a New Family Member

Whether you’re bringing home another four-legged friend or a new baby, you will want your dog to be on his best behavior when they first meet. It can be dangerous to have a hyperactive dog around little ones when they are meeting for the first time, so calming treats for dogs can make the introduction smooth.

Baby Blue Paw 8. Older Dogs

As your dog ages, he may experience personality changes that cause him to become more anxious or aggressive. Using calming treats for dogs may help your older dog by reducing his stress and giving him overall wellness benefits.

Gray Paw 9. Teaching New Tricks

Training tests your patience, especially with a younger dog. Help your eager student focus in to learn new tricks with calming treats for dogs.

Navy Blue Paw 10. Parties

Hosting a party can be exciting for your pup because he gets to meet new people, but if he gets nervous around crowds or noise, you may need a hand in keeping him relaxed. Giving your best buddy some calming treats for dogs throughout the night can keep him cool with all the attention he will be getting.

No matter the situation in which you choose to use our calming treats for dogs, rest assured that your pup will experience a sense of relaxation. Shop our CBD Dog Chews and start using them in your daily routine.