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A Pet Care Guide For Healthy Dog Grooming Practices

Pet Care Guide - Dog Grooming

Caring for a puppy or new dog can be extremely rewarding, but even more work when you aren’t sure where to start with his grooming. How often are you supposed to bathe him and brush his teeth? Perfect Paws Hemp has compiled an easy guide to dog grooming to keep your pet so fresh and so clean.

Dental Health

Maintaining your pup’s dental hygiene can prevent gum disease and other complications as he matures. Gingivitis and signs of periodontal disease can appear in dogs as soon as they have adult teeth, which makes dental routines a must from a young age. Periodontal disease can cause tooth loss, pain and infection. Here are ways to keep your dog’s mouth clean and protected from potential conditions in the future.

Focus on Gum Health

Your pup’s gums should be a salmon pink color rather than white or red. These colors could signal inflammation, the beginning stages of periodontal disease or other serious health concerns.

Brushing Your Dog's Teeth

Did you know you should brush your dog’s teeth a few times a week? Before you reach for the toothbrush and the toothpaste, make sure you are using items specifically designed for dog grooming. They are gentler on his teeth while still removing build-up and freshening his breath. You can also wrap your finger in gauze and brush his teeth this way. The ridges help loosen plaque in the same way as doggy brushes.

Teeth cleanings can make your dog uncomfortable and he may be aggressive or anxious, which is not ideal when your hand is in his mouth. Ease your dog into this habit by starting slow and giving him a treat at the end for cooperating.

If he won’t let you brush his teeth, you’ll want to consider other ways of keeping his mouth clean. Dental chews can remove plaque and clean his mouth, making managing dental hygiene easy. Chewing benefits his oral health by scraping off plaque and strengthening his jaw. Rubber or nylon chews are reusable and get the job done without the added calories.

While home dental care is an important part of your dog’s health routine, it’s also essential to have your dog’s veterinarian examine his teeth at least once a year. Your dog’s vet may recommend a professional dental cleaning, which is a routine procedure that involves anesthetizing your dog and performing a more thorough cleaning.

Skin Health

Most dogs are low-maintenance when it comes to bathing but still need regular grooming to stay healthy. Dogs usually stay pretty clean – especially indoor dogs who are minimally active - and only need a bath every two to four months. Long-haired dogs are more likely to get dirt trapped in their coats and may need more frequent baths. If your dog regularly plays in dirt, he may need to wash up more often. It’s also important to wash your dog after he goes swimming, especially after a trip to the lake or beach. Frequent dog grooming can dry out his skin, stripping his coat of natural oils and leading to dandruff and skin irritation. Use a gentle shampoo like Perfect Paws CBD 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner that cleanses and soothes your pet’s skin and restores moisture to his coat, stimulating growth and reducing shedding.

Brush Regularly Between Baths

All dog grooming routines should include a thorough brushing. Brushing your pet every couple of days removes dead hair and skin and redistributes natural oils throughout his coat. Regular brushing prevents matted fur and stimulates the skin to encourage healthy circulation.

Check His Ears

One of the cutest things about your dog is those perky ears that stand straight up at the sound of your voice. Dogs are highly susceptible to ear infections, so it is critical to make sure you are keeping his ears clean. Check your pet’s ear folds once a week for fleas, ticks and inflamed areas. Gently clean the outside of your dog’s ear canals with a soft cloth or cotton ball and never use cotton swabs, as the deep probing runs the risk of inflicting damage and creating scar tissue.

A clean fur baby makes snuggle time even more comfortable and fun. Detailed and consistent dog grooming routines can also protect your dog from a number of health conditions and help you catch any developing problems early. Quality pet products can heal your pet and boost his skin health. Shop our CBD Oil with Omega-3 which is specifically designed to encourage a shiny skin and coat.



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