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A Pet Care Guide For Dog Exercise

Pet Care Guide - Dog Exercise

Exercise is just as essential to your dog’s health as it is to yours, but how much exercise does a dog need?  Spending even 30 minutes a day outside can positively impact your dog’s physical health and mental engagement as he learns and grows. Without activity, your pup runs the risk of becoming overweight, which can put more stress on his joints and leave him more susceptible to arthritis, osteoarthritis and joint dysplasia. A bored pup can even become frustrated and destructive from all the pent-up energy. Perfect Paws Hemp loves exercising with our dogs almost as much as we love sharing our pet care tips, so we compiled a list of ways to help your dog exercise and how to boost his bone and joint health during the process.

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need Every Day?

Generally, dogs need 30 minutes to two hours of exercise each day. Puppies may require more active time because they often have more energy, but they also need more naps. A good rule of thumb is three exercise sessions a day whether it is walks around the neighborhood, play wrestling in the home or a puppy play date. If your dog is older or has a joint disorder, activities like swimming may give him the exercise he needs without putting as much stress on his body. The amount of exercise your dog needs will vary depending on his breed. Small dogs thrive on less exercise because too much can actually have a negative impact on their joints as they age. Here’s a handy guide to dogs and exercise, although each pup is unique:

  • Small breeds – Small low-energy breeds like Yorkies, Maltese, and corgis don’t need as much exercise as most dogs. Regular walks can keep these pups in good health.
  • Large breeds – Although these breeds are big, they just aren’t as energetic, and they thrive off less exercise. Breeds like greyhounds, Saint Bernards, and Newfoundlands make great household pets and can meet their daily requirements with long walks and play time with family members.
  • Flat-nose breeds – Dogs like pugs and Pekingese have respiratory issues that make it hard for them to breathe and call for a slow life. Long spans of exercise wear them out easily, so short, less rigorous activities can get them the exercise they need without the respiratory complications.
  • Active Breeds – Some breeds like terriers, Labrador and golden retrievers and German shepherd need more exercise to keep them engaged throughout the day. Try to get your dog about 60 to 90 minutes of activity each day with 30 minutes of rigorous activity.

Games That Will Get Your Dog Exercise Each Day

Don’t just watch your dog exercise, join in on the fun. Exercising with your dog can help you both lead a healthier life. The quality time with your best buddy will become the best part of the day. Try switching it up with these ideas:

  • Fetch
  • Tug of war
  • Chase
  • Visit a dog park
  • Schedule a play date
  • Hide and Seek

The most important part of exercising with your dog is finding activities that you both love, so feel free to explore different games and routines that make play time enjoyable for everyone.

Building An Exercise Routine

When starting a new exercise routine with your pup, start slow and gradually work your way up to longer workouts. This will reduce the amount of stress on your dog’s joints and paws and allow him to get used to exercising. Make sure you’re looking out for your dog’s foot pads by avoiding glass, harsh weather and terrain. Perfect Paws CBD Paw Butter uses a number of premium ingredients like vitamin E to moisturize cracked and scraped paws quickly and help you and your best buddy get back to adventuring together.

Dog Exercise Includes Mental Engagement

Not only does your pup need physical exercise, but he also needs to engage his mind. Give him puzzle toys and games that will let him exercise his mind and keep him mentally stimulated while you are away. Take new routes on your walk and visit different dog parks to keep him interested and alert – you may even meet some new friends along the way. Keeping your dog’s mind sharp during puppyhood can prevent neural degenerative disorders like canine cognitive dysfunction as he ages.

Proper exercise benefits your pet by regulating his weight, strengthening his body and enhancing his sleep – all that play will definitely wear him out. Giving your dog exercise provides a positive outlet for his energy and can avoid common dog behavior problems. Even if your dog’s breed usually requires a lot of exercise, each pet is unique, so find the right plan for your pup. Shop our CBD Hemp Oil and see the positive impact it can have on your pup’s overall wellness.