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How to Help a Dog Adjust To a New Home

How to Help a Dog Adjust to a New Home

Congratulations! Moving into a new home marks a new and exciting adventure for you, but for your furry friend, the experience can be unsettling. While you understand the transition from one house to another, your pup doesn’t quite get why you’re putting all his favorite things in boxes and taking him to a strange place. Figuring out how to help a dog adjust to a new home can be tricky. While some dogs adjust to a new home quickly, others need some encouragement to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Here are a few tips for making the move as smooth and seamless as possible for your faithful companion.

Baby Blue PawGive Him Treats

If your dog is like most, chances are his eyes light up when he sees his favorite snack. When you first take your dog to the new home, bring a bag of his favorite treats. Giving him a few bites while he’s exploring can help him make positive associations with the house.

Navy Blue PawTry to Stick with Your Usual Routine

Dogs are highly receptive to our daily routines, and they take comfort in knowing what to expect during the day. After the move, try to keep your daily habits consistent. For example, walk and feed your dog at the same time as before. Your dog will appreciate the familiarity – even if it’s something as simple as watching you make your morning cup of joe.

Gray PawMake a Comfortable Place for Your Dog

Establishing a comfortable setting for your best buddy is equally as important as assembling your cozy bed and finding your favorite things. Be sure to lay out his favorite bed and blankets, along with his cherished toys and comfort items. Providing familiar objects will help your dog acclimate - you can even include fun new toys or soft blankets to create a positive experience and show your pup that the new home is a happy place.

Baby Blue PawPile On the Love and Snuggles

Dogs are incredibly loyal, and their biggest source of comfort is the love from their families. If your dog is confused or anxious during the move, give him a little extra cuddle time and plenty of praise. Your fur companion can benefit greatly from hearing the occasional “good boy,” as he picks up on the positivity and reassurance in your voice.

Navy Blue PawAdd a Few Drops of CBD Oil in Your Pup's Food

The moving process can be highly stressful for some dogs regardless of your attempts to make it easier. If your dog is experiencing moving anxiety, consider giving him premium CBD Oil to promote relaxation. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a compound found in Cannabis plants known for its soothing properties. Perfect Paws Hemp products are derived from American-grown Industrial Hemp, so your dog won’t feel “high.” Give your dog a few drops of oil on moving day, or keep some CBD Dog Chews on hand to relieve his stress and promote calmness. See our handy calculator for dosing information.

Gray PawDog-Proof Your New Home

Nothing will make your pup’s moving experience more traumatic than a painful injury or an unexpected trip to the vet. Before you bring your dog into the home, do a walkthrough and make sure it’s completely safe. Look out for any potential hazards like low, unsecured windows, loose electric cords, easily accessible trash cans, toxic plants in your backyard and more. Do one last sweep for any forgotten moving or decorating supplies before introducing your pup to his new home. Something as simple as a stray nail or screw can cause a major complication for your dog.

Baby Blue PawSlowly Acclimate Your Dog to Being Home Alone

Your dog probably won’t recognize your new place as “home” right away. Therefore, he might not be a huge fan of being left there alone. It’s a good idea to leave your pet home alone in small increments to start, especially if he suffers from separation anxiety. For example, leave your dog home alone for 10-20 minutes at a time, so he can see that you will come back every time you go. Slowly increase the duration for which you are away from home, so your pup will feel more comfortable when you leave for work or a long evening out.

Above all, remember to be patient with your dog when you move to a new home. Some pets can take several weeks to get used to new surroundings, and it’s entirely reasonable for them to feel a bit of anxiety in the new space. Over time your pup will start to take ownership of his new home, he’ll appreciate the TLC you’ve given him during the adjustment, and you’ll be happy to see your dog adjusting to his new home.