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How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

You just got your new bottle of Perfect Paws CBD Oil, so you may be asking yourself, “how much CBD Oil should I give my dog?” Our comprehensive dosing guide recommends a proper dosage to give your pup once daily based on her weight. You can refer to our dosing calculator below, but when giving your pup CBD Oil, consider her daily schedule. Read on to learn more.

Baby Blue PawTime Your Doses Accordingly

If you find yourself wondering, “how much CBD Oil should I give my dog”, then you may also be asking, “how often should I give my pup CBD Oil?” Well-timed servings can boost the effects of this natural compound. Usually it can take about 20 to 30 minutes to feel the effects of CBD. Take, for example, a pup with severe stress due to separation or travel. Giving her CBD right as you leave or when you get in the car does not give the product time to become active, and it may not make the beginning of her ride as manageable as it could be. Instead, you may want to administer a serving of CBD about 20 minutes before you leave to give the product a chance to take effect and allow her to calm down before she experiences stressful situations.

Navy Blue PawMake a Schedule

Establishing a routine not only maximizes benefits – it also creates regularity in your dog’s schedule, which can potentially reduce anxiety. Some cases of separation anxiety stem from unpredictability and your pet’s fear that you may not return home. Not only will giving her the serving before you leave give her time to relax, but it allows her to form the connection between her daily treat, your workday and your return home.

If you plan to be gone for a few hours, the CBD may wear off before you return and leave your pup feeling anxious again. Automatic treat dispensers give you the opportunity to dole out CBD Dog Chews at desired times and ensure proper dosing.

CBD promotes calmness, and creating a nighttime routine can also help encourage a hyper pup to wind down before bed. Give her CBD at night to signify that bedtime is approaching.

Baby Blue PawConsider Your Desired Results

You wouldn’t take a vitamin once and expect the benefits to last forever. That’s why creating a daily regimen will allow you to see gradual improvements in your pup’s health.

Now that you've learned some information about how much CBD to give your pet, click here to learn more about creative ways to give your pup our CBD Oil.



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