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The Perfect CBD Product Based On Your Dog’s Personality

Dogs are funny, caring and full of life, and it would be nearly impossible to pick a favorite trait. But you know your pup better than anyone, and there’s usually one quality about your dog's personality that stands out from the rest. Whether your dog is constantly on the move or loves to snack, we’ve come up with the perfect CBD product for different dog personality traits.


Hungry Hound Personality Graphic

Navy Blue PawThe Hungry Hound

Is your dog your personal Roomba? Following behind you and licking up any dropped crumb or morsel? Give him a treat that delivers a powerful health boost. Our savory CBD Dog Chews provide the flavor your dog craves without the potential harm associated with food found in the garbage. Each tasty bite supports his wellness rather than negatively impacting it. CBD Dog Chews are also a great way to train your pup and reward them after teaching them a new trick.


Pink PawThe Pampered Pooch

Would your dog rather sunbathe by the pool than trollop in the mud? Does she wipe her paws before entering the house because she knows just how dirty the outdoors can be? If so, she’ll love being pampered with a high-quality product like Perfect Paws 2-in-1 CBD Pet Shampoo and Conditioner. Plan a spa day and treat your precious pooch with the product that cleanses and moisturizes her skin and leaves her coat soft and shiny. A warm bath with the soothing formulation in our CBD-enhanced product will ease any skin irritation that your pup may experience. Passersby will love the tropical aroma wafting from your glamorous gal, and the Westminster Kennel Club will be left shaking in their booties.

Pampered Pooch Graphic


Trailblazing Tail-Wagger Personality


Gray PawThe Trailblazing Tail-Wagger

Does your pup love the great outdoors and enjoy adventurous walks? Maybe he was a wolf in a different life, separated from his pack. Keep those paws protected from tough terrain with CBD Paw Butter. Rocky landscapes and icy slopes don’t stand a chance against this thick, moisturizing cream. The blend of natural jojoba oil and sweet almond oil coupled with shea butter smooths rough paw pads, while beeswax provides an extra layer of protection against damage and chafing. Quality paw butter can help soothe scraped and bruised paws and allow you and your hiking buddy to get back to doing what you love.


Baby Blue PawThe Crazy Canine

Is your little furball of energy the light of your life? Does he greet strangers on your daily walks and hate staying still? Your dog’s personality may be larger than life, but when it is time to unwind at the end of the day, you may need your buddy to calm down. CBD Oil may help him relax at night so he can wake up refreshed and ready to spread more light to everyone he meets. Available in chicken, beef and salmon flavors, this oil pairs well with any wet or dry dog food, and playful pups big and small can benefit from the range of potencies we offer.

Crazy Canine Graphic

Perfect Paws Hemp has something for every fur companion and dog personality. Your pup will love our tasty products and experience the range of properties associated with CBD. Can you relate to one of these traits for your fur buddy? Join the pack and tell us about your dog’s personality on our social media.