Salmon CBD Oil for Pets – Skin & Coat Blend

Perfect Paws Hemp Salmon Pet CBD Oil is specifically designed to help your pet look and feel his best. This premium product is packed with a potent serving of CBD – 250mg or 1000mg – to promote overall health and wellness in your furry friend. Crafted with real Salmon Oil, this CBD tincture delivers essential Omega-3 fatty acids which encourage healthy skin and coat to reduce shedding and irritation from environmental allergens. Pamper your pet with the supplement that maintains his health inside and out.

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Serving Size: See Serving Guide for recommended serving sizes
Servings Per Bottle: 60 (based on ½ a dropper servings)
Ingredients: Salmon Oil, MCT Oil, Hemp Oil, Pure CBD

Looking to add more luster and shine to your pet’s coat? Salmon CBD Oil for dogs is equipped with omega-3 fatty acids and the beneficial powers of CBD to encourage healthy skin and reveal your pet’s best coat. Omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and can reduce swelling to help your pet stop aching and start thriving, while CBD delivers a wealth of health benefits that can help your pup feel his best.

Is Salmon Pet CBD Oil the right product for my pup?

Perfect Paws Salmon CBD Oil can support your pet’s overall health and wellness by helping relieve stress and promote calm relaxation. Omega-3 also supports heart health and adequate circulation to keep your pup in top form.


Is Pet CBD Oil safe for Fido?

This premium blend of Salmon Oil, MCT Oil, Hemp Oil and premium CBD is safe for breeds of all sizes. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in Hemp plants that works with your pet’s body to provide a variety of wellness benefits. This non-psychoactive chemical compound will not cause your pet to feel intoxicated, but it may encourage calm and relaxation. There are no adverse side effects or chance of overdose associated with this product, so you can feel confident when giving CBD Oil to your dog.


What is the recommended serving of Pet CBD Oil?

Our comprehensive serving guide gives you our recommended serving size for your dog based on weight, but there are many factors to consider when giving your pet CBD Oil. Much like taking your vitamins every day helps you fight off infections, giving your dog CBD each day can keep him happy and healthy. Try giving it straight from the dropper, mixed with peanut butter, or in a homemade dog treat recipe.


How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Perfect Paws Pet CBD Oil takes a few minutes to take effect, but once it does your pet can feel relief for hours. For example, if you are hosting a party and your pup gets stressed around strangers, a serving of CBD 30 minutes before your event can give him time to relax and allow him to remain calm during your gathering. When used regularly, this product can also provide long-lasting improvements to your dog’s health. Even pets in excellent health can feel better when taking our products.


Why Perfect Paws Hemp?

At Perfect Paws Hemp, we aim to improve your pet’s quality of life through premium CBD products. That’s why we only use the highest-quality ingredients to make our Pet CBD Oil. Our CBD is extracted from premium Industrial Hemp grown on American farms free of harsh chemicals and harmful pesticides – what more could you want for your pet? All our products contain less than 0.3% THC, so your furry friend won’t feel “high” after taking one of our delicious products. Perfect Paws Hemp has you covered when it comes to all your pet health care needs. Learn more about our Pet CBD Oil and how it can help keep your pet’s tail wagging.

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