CBD For Dog Behavior

CBD for Dog Behavior

Dogs are man’s best friend, but when they feel threatened or afraid, your best buddy can quickly become a lot to handle. Dog behavior problems are prevalent in many breeds and can be difficult to manage, making it hard to connect with your pup. However, there are several behavioral conditioning practices and calming supplements that may help your pet return to his natural, happy state. CBD for dog behavior may relax your furry friend and make playtime fun for everyone.


Perhaps one of the most common dog behavior problems, aggression accounts for about 70 percent of all behavioral cases. Many dogs become belligerent in order to increase the distance between themselves and threatening stimuli. While it can feel like this behavior comes out of nowhere, there are many warning signs that your dog may be about to attack. Identifying changes in body language and vocalization can prevent many aggressive attacks. Often when an animal feels threatened or anxious, they will exhibit aggressive behaviors. These interactions can develop over time as a result of inadequate socialization, learning or genetic predispositions for temperament. Dogs become agitated for a myriad of reasons including:

  • Territory
  • Protection
  • Possession
  • Fear
  • Defense
  • Social Situations
  • Frustration
  • Pain
  • Sex
  • Predation

When your pup learns that specific actions successfully remove the threat, he may become more likely to use this behavior as a solution to problems. Over time, aggression becomes independent of a negative stimulus and can be unpredictable. For example, many pups are hostile to unfamiliar people and other animals. This reaction can prove to be a problem when dogs exhibit this behavior towards children.


Trusting a behavioral specialist with training is a safe and effective way to curb combative behavior. Many owners seek out medications to relax their pets before trying to condition them to stimuli. However, certain prescriptions can affect your dog’s personality and have harmful side effects. Natural alternatives like CBD may also be helpful.


Anxiety is a challenging condition to navigate, but it only becomes harsher when you can’t vocalize the way you feel. For your furry friend, fear and separation can cause him to feel anxiety and stress, but he can’t tell you that. Anxiety-related conditions affect about 14 percent of all dogs. Some fears become so intense that they can be classified as phobias and decrease his quality of life. When presented with his fear your pet may drool, pant, bark excessively, destroy possessions and more. Depending on his environment, past and genetics, your pet may be afraid of many things:

  • Loud noises (thunder, fireworks, gunshots)
  • Strange people and animals
  • Visual stimuli (hats, umbrellas)
  • New environments
  • Vets and Groomers
  • Travel
  • Unfamiliar surfaces (grass, wood floors, steps)

Some dogs that experience fear-related anxiety may begin to exhibit aggression to remove themselves from the situation.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is also a common problem among pets. This condition can result from dysfunctional attachment or a change in the household or daily routine. If your pet is a rescue, he may be more likely to show signs of separation anxiety because he has already lost an owner or experienced maternal separation. Pets that suffer from separation anxiety may destroy doorways, urinate and defecate indoors or try to escape. Like many dog behavior problems, there are conditioning methods and natural aids, like CBD for separation anxiety in dogs, that may allow your pet to feel more comfortable at home. When supplemented with products like CBD for dog behavior, your pet may be able to break these habits long term.


Other Dog Behavior Problems

As a puppy, your pet is more likely to experience aggression and anxiety and may grow out of it as he becomes familiar with his environment. But a strong offense is a good defense, so it is important to break these habits before they get a chance to form. For instance, obsessive-compulsive behaviors like tail chasing or sucking on a paw can be an innate behavior in certain breeds as a response to change or frustration. However, when your dog starts carrying out these behaviors regularly, it can become a compulsion and hinder his wellbeing. Replacing these habits with positive interactions early may prevent permanent behavior.


Dog behavior problems like pain-induced aggression and anxiety can become more apparent as your dog ages. Pain-induced aggression or anxiety become more evident. Aging can cause house-soiling, sleep changes and disorientation. CBD may help provide calm and relaxation for your dog to help with many aging-related issues.


What Is CBD?

CBD for dog behavior, or Cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in Hemp plants. Hemp-derived CBD is federally legal because it contains less than 0.3% THC – the active compound in Marijuana responsible for the "high" feeling. Research on CBD has found this cannabinoid, or chemical compound, to have a wide variety of wellness benefits, making it a great addition to the natural wellness market and to your pup’s daily routine. This compound works with the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, to maintain balance and promote overall wellness within the body. All mammals have an ECS made up of cannabinoids and receptors that regulate pain, mood and sleep. The body naturally produces cannabinoids, but it also responds to plant-derived cannabinoids like CBD which strengthens the function of the ECS. CBD for dog behavior may reduce stress and anxiety and allow your pet to feel calmer for longer in a balanced and natural way.


Perfect Paws Hemp Products

At Perfect Paws Hemp, we extract CBD from superior-grade Industrial Hemp using a specialized extraction method. The resulting CBD is premium and free of harmful additives, and is tested to ensure it contains less than 0.3% THC. All our products are manufactured in-house for quality assurance, and third-party lab tested to certify their potency. CBD Oil may soothe even the most distressed dogs to cats, and this product works for breeds of all sizes. You can give your furry friend our oil straight from the dropper, on a dry treat or sprinkled on kibble and wet food. Read our comprehensive dosing guide for insight on how much CBD to give your animal companion.

Perfect Paws Hemp



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