CBD Benefits For Pets

CBD for Pets


At Perfect Paws Hemp, we understand the stress and other issues your furry friend can face. The discovery of the beneficial properties associated with CBD, or Cannabidiol, makes Perfect Paws CBD for pets a key player for holistic wellness. CBD is a compound that can deliver an overall wellness boost to protect your pup. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid, or chemical compound, is responsible for a wealth of benefits including stress relief, calmness and more. Read the articles below to discover how CBD for pets may help with a variety of common issues.

CBD for Pets - Dog Behavior


Behavioral problems are among the top reason for vet visits each year. If your pet exhibits aggression, extreme stress and destructive behavior because of separation, loud noises or other external stimuli, he may benefit from the relaxing effects of CBD for pets.

CBD for Pets - Dog Skin Conditions


Many common skin issues, such as skin allergies, dandruff, hot spots and mange, can be uncomfortable for your pet, and the constant thumping from her scratching can keep you up at night. CBD for pets may help reduce irritation and help repair your pet's skin and coat.

CBD for Aging Dogs Wellness


Just like in humans, the properties of CBD for pets may provide an overall wellness boost. Your furry friend may find a greater sense of calm and relaxation, relief from stress caused by a trip to the vet, loud noises or guests visiting your home, and more.