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Paw Wax For Healthy Foot Pads

Paw Wax for Healthy Pet Paws

It’s heating up – time to add some extra protection to your dog’s paws.  Your family trips to the beach or park make springtime a blast, but hot asphalt and sand can cause burns and blisters on your pet’s paw pads making it uncomfortable for her to stand and walk. Fortunately, regular paw care and paw wax can alleviate your pet’s discomfort and promote healthy paws.

What Is Paw Wax?CBD Paw Butter

Paw wax, also known as paw cream or paw butter, is a blend of oils and soothing ingredients applied topically to your dog’s foot pads for protection and repair. If you’re adventurous, your pup will encounter a range of terrains from rocky hills to icy sidewalks. Paw products aim to stop any potential irritation by adding a waxy barrier of protection.

What is in Paw Wax?

Beeswax, a core component of paw butter, puts a protective layer over your pet’s paws. Not only does this protectant dull the heat, but it also provides insulation and protection from cold weather.

Other common ingredients like shea butter soften chapped and chaffed paws by adding extra moisture. The blend of additional natural oils (coconut, MCT, jojoba and sweet almond) promote moisturized, smooth paws, while Vitamin E is known for its healing properties and ability to reduce the swelling and thickening of foot pads. Perfect Paws CBD Paw Butter takes things a step further by infusing 250mg of premium CBD into the mixture.

There are many types of paw wax, and the ingredients differ between brands, so make sure you’re getting the best product for your furry friend.

Why Do Pet Owners Use Paw Butter?

Our pet’s paws are incredibly resilient. As they grow, their foot pads toughen and build a tolerance to different conditions. Inside dogs usually have more sensitive pads because their environment does not call for as much barrier and protection. For this reason, they may need extra help to stay healthy.

When your pet’s paws get irritated, you will notice. He may lick, bite or scratch his paws excessively which can cause hot spots and further inflammation. Paw wax does not have to be reserved for irritated and injured paws. Rather, it is an excellent addition to a healthy grooming routine. Pet owners use paw cream for several reasons:

  • Restore moisture in dog paws
  • Encourage soft foot pads
  • Reduce redness and swelling
  • Calm itchy paws
  • Protect against weather conditions and harsh landscapes
  • Smooth rough patches

Maintaining healthy paws is necessary to keep your trusted companion on-the-go. His foot pads are his main form of transportation, so it is essential to keep them in top shape. Shop our Perfect Paws CBD Paw Butter to protect your dog’s paws so walks are always a breeze.