CBD Dosing Chart For Dogs

CBD Dosing Chart - CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

CBD, or Cannabidiol, can deliver powerful wellness benefits to your furry friend. When taken correctly, your pup may experience calm and relaxation, reduced stress, improved skin and coat and more. Every pup is unique and may need a different amount of CBD based on his size and the severity of his issues, but we recommend one serving per day. Our CBD dosing chart for dogs steers you in the right direction when giving CBD to your furry friend.

A 15-lb Shih Tzu would need a 3 mg serving of CBD. This translates to 8 and 2 drops of 250mg and 1,000 mg CBD Oil, respectively.

We recommend using a higher potency product for larger pets. This method is more cost efficient, especially for pets that need several drops. By giving your pet less drops per serving, you get the most bang for your buck and can give him accurate servings quickly and easily.

Let’s look at an example: Clifford is a 115-lb rottweiler. Your wallet would benefit more from 14 drops of 1,000 milligram CBD Oil once or twice daily rather than 2 full droppers plus 16 more drops of the 250 milligram oil. A higher-potency pet CBD Oil is also easier to administer compared to a lower-potency product, since keeping track of administered drops and maintaining your pup’s attention can be tedious. Regardless of concentration, a proper serving of CBD may be beneficial for Clifford.

How Many CBD Pet Treats Should I Give My Dog?

You can give your pup these savory snacks to reward him with the wellness benefits of CBD. Our CBD Dog Chews contain 15mg of premium CBD per treat, so refer to our handy dosing calculator above to determine the proper number of treats to give your pup based on his weight. If your dog is too small for the 15mg serving of CBD in a full chew, you can break a chew into pieces for more precise dosing.

Perfect Paws Hemp Sourcing

Before you decide how much CBD to give your pet, you want to make sure you’re giving him a high-quality product. Perfect Paws sources our CBD from premium Industrial Hemp grown on American farms. Using our specialized extraction process, we separate CBD from the other cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, present in Hemp plants. The resulting CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, so your pet will not feel “high” when using our products.

Is CBD Safe For My Pup?

Our CBD Oil is a premium, human-grade product designed for your four-legged friends. All Perfect Paws products are third-party lab tested to certify their potency and safety. We publish the results here for transparency so that you can be confident in the product that you are giving to your fur baby.


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